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What is the Digital Yoruba Learning Centre?

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Digital Yoruba Learning Centre

With Interactive Lessons, Games, Quizzes and Videos, learning Yoruba couldn’t be easier! Our Digital Yoruba Learning Centre is here to help you signicantly improve your Yoruba speaking and listening skills.

Interactive Learning


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The Process

1. Learn the words

Learn the words, see how they’re spelt and listen to the audio. Hearing the words and seeing the images helps create a greater association of the image and how the word is said in your mind.

2. Test Yourself

Listen to the audio and type the word you hear.  The test yourself sections follow each interactive activity to make sure that you would actually understand the word in a normal Yoruba conversation.

3. Build up your sentences

Start learning Yoruba from single words, building up your knowledge to forming complex sentences. You can even start adding your own words because you will know how to structure sentences.

4. Long-term memory

The interactive activities use a system similar to spaced repetition, so that you don’t forget the words that you learn early on and to help you build up a wide range of Yoruba vocabulary.

5. Start speaking Yoruba

Through the interactive activities, you will learn how to start making conversations in Yoruba, asking & responding to questions and how to express yourself.

Yoruba Learning Centre Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Bronze Plan Games
Average rating:  
 27 reviews
 by Seyi 🦄🐣
Good so far

Thanks for all the time and effort that went into putting this together. It is very helpful

 by Kay
My 1st Test

I liked the testing options that were available to me. It definitely helped me a lot. I was actually very surprised myslelf because I did quite well.It was not timed so it took the anxiety away. My three year translated a lot of the phrases in English. I am sooooo proud of her. I’m looking forward to leveling up! Thanks for making this platform available.

 by Jamaal Bethea

I've been tryna find and education solution like this for Yoruba!

 by YMC
Good first lesson

This lesson was just very simple action statements, but they are the most common verbs used in conversation. I think this gives students an excellent foundation in conversational Yoruba.

 by YMC

This lesson is pretty straightforward, learning common food staples.

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