Learn how to speak Yoruba.

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A quicker way to learn Yoruba with Naijish


Learn how to Speak Yoruba with Naijish

With native Yoruba speakers, fun and interactive games, learning Yoruba couldn’t be easier! The Naijish games are to the highest standard and will help you to significantly improve your Yoruba speaking and listening skills.

This is how you will start speaking
From the first few games you will learn how to introduce yourself, and how to ask & answer questions.

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This is how you will start speaking Yoruba

1. Learn the words

Learn the words, see how they’re spelt and listen to the audio. Hearing the words and seeing the images helps create a greater association of the image and how the word is said in your mind.

2. Test Yourself

Listen to the audio and type the word you hear.  The test yourself sections follow each game to make sure that you would actually understand the word in a normal Yoruba conversation.

3. Build up your sentences

Start learning Yoruba from single words, building up your knowledge to forming complex sentences. You can even start adding your own words because you will know how to structure sentences.

4. Long-term memory

The games use a system similar to spaced repetition, so that you don’t forget the words that you learn early on and to help you build up a wide range of Yoruba vocabulary.

5. Start speaking Yoruba

Through the games, you will learn how to start making conversations in Yoruba, asking & responding to questions and how to express yourself.

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Bronze Plan Games
Average rating:  
 21 reviews
 by Sandra
Fun To Learning Yoruba

I’m very happy with the learning style of teaching and introducing me to the Yoruba language. It allows me to study at my own pase and move on once I feel comfortable with what I have learned. Thank you!

 by Nimo
Popular phrases

I thought the test yourself section at the end of the game was really helpful for testing my comprehension. I thought I knew but I saw there was still room for improvement. Hearing the pronunciation was also a big help.

 by Renee Thomas

I really love this program because I am truly learning to speak Yoruba quickly especially with the games. Mo fe E Dupe

 by Louis
Best Yoruba learning platform available

Relative to the available market, you won't find a better way to learn Yoruba online, short of an actual teacher.

I would love to see this platform grow with features like spaced repetition flashcards and a more extensive vocabulary, because it is the best Yoruba learning platform that I have found online to date.

Most other platforms lack vital features for learning Yoruba, such as clear audio samples from native speakers, or the proper Yoruba orthography. I'm so delighted to see that naijish.com has both! The games are quite basic, but it seems that the platform is rapidly improving, and that is fantastic to see! I'm looking forward to enjoying naijish.com's growth. Please, please, please, keep up the good work!

 by Stacey
Loving this

The lesson become easier the more you practice speaking.

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Learn how to speak Yoruba.

Discover a whole new world.

Then $4.99/mo