A bit about me

Hi guys,

I’m Lamide, I’m the founder of Naijish and have been running it since the beginning of 2020!!

One of my goals for the new year was to be more open and personally involved with Naijish, and make Naijish an even bigger and better resource for worldwide Yoruba learners!!

So a bit about me: I love learning languages, I used to struggle with learning them as a child, but now I’ve learnt a few to varying degrees of fluency.

When I was was learning Yoruba one thing that I noticed is that there were so few resources available. Just to put it into perspective, Yoruba has over 40million speakers and Danish has around 6million, but you will find significantly more Danish resources online than Yoruba. 

That’s why I decided to start Naijish, I wanted it to be the resource I wish I had when I first started learning Yoruba. 

That’s just a little bit about me, if you want to reach out feel free to email me at hello@naijish.com

And most of all thank you for your support and for joining the community.

Ó dàbọ̀!!