Behind the Scenes

Hi guys,

I’m Olamide,

I started Naijish back in 2020 when I got interested in learning Yoruba, I was really excited and enthused but quickly realised that there were very few resources available and that of the few available I didn’t always find the content easy to understand.

So I decided to start Naijish.

On the website I would share topics in Yoruba, in a way that was fun, engaging and easy to understand.

The website started with a small community to now having grown to a significant amount.

The resources on Naijish have been incorporated with effective language learning methodologies and techniques which I learnt from my experience learning Spanish to Fluency.

Naijish has now grown since then to include Flashcards, a Digital Yoruba Learning Centre and has now expanded to include Igbo.

This however is just the beginning, there are hundreds of languages spoken in Nigeria and we have just included the first 2, if you are interested in getting involved in our initiative or in sharing your Nigerian language please reach our to hello@naijish.com

Thank you for your support and for being a part of our community!