The top 100 most important Yoruba verbs

Yoruba verbs

Welcome back my people! Today we’re off to learn something slightly different…Yoruba verbs!

One thing that you’re going to love about Yoruba verbs is that you don’t need to conjugate them. Remember all those hours we spent conjugating the verbs être/estar during our French/Spanish lessons in secondary school? We don’t do any of that in Yoruba.

So in today’s lesson we’re not learning any conjugations or anything like that, we basically just need to memorise a list of verbs. And, because I know how much we Nigerians love to study in out leisure (it’s all bants guys), I decided that I shouldn’t just give you 10 measly words to learn, let me give you over a hundred…

Is that a lot? Don’t worry now, I’ve got you covered. I’m going to show you guys the software that I used to help me learn thousands of Spanish words in a short period of time (see end of lesson).

Yoruba Verbs

English Verb Yoruba Verb
To seeRi
To writeKọ́
To loveFẹ́ràn
To giveFún
To playṢeré
To read
To understand
To have
To knowMọ
To think
To reflect/mediateRonú
To workṢiṣẹ́
To speakSọ̀rọ̀
To drive/To be (in a place)
To smileRẹrìn
To findRihé
To enterWọlé
To kickGbá
To wantFẹ́
To live/To carryGbé
To eatJẹun (just jẹ́ w/ food)
To drinkMu
To doṢe
To come
To goLọ
To sleepSùn
To dance
To jump
To buy
To sell
To cook
To walkRìn
To sitJókòó
To stop/To waitDúró
To standDìde
To take care ofTọjú
To laughRẹ́rìnín
To crySunkún
To runSáré
To singKọrin
To arrive
To startBẹ̀rẹ̀
To wake up
To hearGbọ́rọ̀
To fight
To use
To clapPàtẹ́wọ́
To sneezeSín
To take a bathWẹ̀
To returnDápadà
To shoutPariwo
To pull
To removeYọkúrò
To sweepGbá
To AskBi leere
To boil
To hearGbọ́
To fry / To be reducedDín
To bathWẹ̀
To remindRánlétí / Rántí
To listenFetísílẹ̀
To fallṢubú
To catch
To prayGbàdúrà
To followTèlé
To fight
To fly
To forgetGbàgbé
To grindLọ̀
To growDàgbà
To keepFipamọ́
To lend
To partakeKópa
To sendRán
To showFihàn
To shredRẹ́wẹẹrẹwẹ
To smellGbóòórùn
To spend
To swearBúra
To swimWẹdò
To offendSẹ̀
To disturbYọlẹ́nu
To begBẹ̀bẹ̀
To wearWọ̀
To weaveHun
To frightenDẹ́rubàá
To call
To floatLefo
To look
To restSinmi
To examineṢàyẹ̀wò
To worshipJọ́sìn
To warmGbégbóná
To praiseYín
To rebukeBáwí
To informSọfún
To stealJalé (just jí w/ object)
To takeGbà/Mú
To findWádìí/Wá
To deliver (a baby)Bímọ
To beat
To burnSun/Fijóná
To choose
To plantGbìn
To go outJáde
To meetPàdé
To cut
To enjoyGbádùn
To bringMúwá
To mistakeÀṣìṣe
To misunderstandṢìgbọ́
To rememberRántí
To explainṢàlàyé
To answerDáhùn
To die
To describeṢàpèjúwe
To washFọ
To divide / distributePín
To dish (food)
To pour something
To pay San
To breathe
To greet
To tellSọfún
To enjoy Gbádùn
To expectRetí
To complainRojọ́/ Wíjọ́
To hang in thereRọ́jú
To endTán
To be able to (can)
To breakFọ́
To hurtRo
To acheDùn
To studyKàwé
To illustrateṢàpẹrẹ
To correctṢàtúnṣe
To researchṢèwádìí
To close
To coughHúkọ́
To dig
To chewRúnjẹ
To dozeTògbé
To dreamLálà
To dryGbẹ
To finishParí
To fold
To hateKórira
To helpRànlọ́wọ́
To holdDìmú
To kill/ turn offPa
To hideSápamọ́
To lick
To look for
To mixPòpọ̀
To peel
To poundGún
To pasteLẹ̀
To push
To press/ print /stirTẹ̀
To scrapeHa
To shake
To swallowGbémì
To sharpenGbẹ́
To peeTọ̀
To winBorí
To wipe
To combYa
Yoruba Verbs

Language Tip: It’s not easy trying to learn a long list of language vocab o! So to memorise the words I recommend using the programme Anki.

Anki Website

For the more visual learners, I’ve created some infographics below, literally just print them out and stick them in your room.

Yoruba Verbs Infographics

Yoruba verbs P1

Yoruba Verbs picture 1

Yoruba Verbs P2

Yoruba Verbs picture 2

Yoruba Verbs P3

Yoruba Verbs P4

Yoruba Verbs P5

Yoruba Verbs Picture 5

Alrighty, that’s all for today, see you soon, bye!

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