Is there Duolingo for Yoruba?

Yoruba is one of the most popular languages in West Africa, spoken by a whopping 40 million people both in Nigeria and across the world.

But despite it being a very popular language, that is growing in popularity, especially with the rising global interest in Afrobeats, Yoruba is still currently not available on Duolingo.

Though Yoruba is not available on Duolingo, don’t be dismayed! There are still many other ways that you can learn how to speak Yoruba online and offline.

I had been trying to learn Japanese back in 2016 and I had desperately been searching to see if Duolingo had Japanese available, but alas it didn’t. Though this was discouraging I searched online and I was able to find some pretty good resources to learn the language.

And some that helped me learn Japanese a lot faster.

In the same way, just because some of the really big platforms don’t currently have Yoruba available, doesn’t mean that that should discourage you from learning Yoruba.

There are plenty of other options available, some paid and some free, it all just depends on what you want and the time that you have available to study.

Anyways here are my suggestions,

Naijish – Digital Yoruba Learning Centre

My number one suggestion as a great alternative to Duolingo would be the Digital Yoruba Learning Centre (DYLC) on the site Naijish.

It’s perfect for Yoruba beginners and has lots of games, full length explanations, lessons and videos to help you learn the Yoruba language, at an affordable price.

You can check out the DYLC here.

Colloquial Yoruba: The Complete Course for Beginners

If you’re a learner that prefers to read physical books over online learning, then one book that I would recommend would be the book Colloquial Yoruba, it explains a lot on conversational Yoruba and is great if you’re an Intermediate Yoruba learner.

The book is a bit pricier, but it’s a great investment.

Yoruba Language Flashcards

If you’re looking to teach your child Yoruba, a great tool to use is Yoruba Language flashcards. Using flashcards is a great way for children to learn Yoruba, because it makes the learning experience fun and engaging for them and an overall positive experience.

This helps make them more eager to learn the language, which is extremely important especially for Nigerian children in the diaspora.

Anki – Flashcards

Anki is a popular digital flashcard system that you can download and make your own Yoruba flashcards – the system doesn’t look too modern, but if you would like to make your own learning materials this is a great system to use!

It’s one that I highly recommend.

Memrise – Flashcards

The last website that I would recommend would be Memrise – it’s has a much more modern look than memrise and can be used to make your own flashcards too, the only difference is that it might be difficult to put certain Yoruba characters into the system.

That’s it, those are my top recommendations for Yoruba language learning alternatives!

Naijish – Online Yoruba Lessons

Online Yoruba Lessons to learn about lots of different topics in Yoruba, including the Yoruba Alphabet, Yoruba Pronunciations and how to make sentences in Yoruba.

These are my top Yoruba Language learning alternative resources to Duolingo, you can give them a try and see what works for you.

All the best in your Yoruba Learning!